Eduardo Castro, M.D.

Dr. Ed Castro was born and raised in Washington, D.C.  He received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from West Virginia University, and his medical degree from Dartmouth Medical School. He did a year of Pathology residency training at Georgetown University Hospitals and completed a Psychiatry residency at the University of Virginia Hospital. He practiced conventional psychiatry until 1994 when he discovered neurofeedback, a treatment that he had never heard of in his training yet which had been around for over twenty years and had a medical journal dedicated to scientific studies on it.

He found that neurofeedback treatment was superior to any of the drugs he was prescribing. Not only were there no side effects, the added benefits were remarkable. The child with ADHD stopped wetting the bed; the woman with panic attacks had no more migraines. Neurofeedback was restoring healthy self-regulation of brain activity, and not just tampering with neurotransmitters with drugs. This was the game-changer for Dr. Castro; the veil had been pulled from his eyes. He soon recognized that neurofeedback remained in medical obscurity only because it was not a patentable treatment. He also was disappointed to find that his colleagues did not refer to someone who had stepped outside of the mainstream. He nonetheless began to actively seek out other treatments that worked, whether or not they were embraced by conventional medicine.

Dr. Castro’s search for other effective treatments was a stunning success. He soon found that Elmer Cranton, M.D., a pioneer and world expert in alternative medicine, had his internationally recognized clinic, Mount Rogers Clinic, in nearby Trout Dale, Virginia.   Dr.Castro went to work for Dr. Cranton from whom he learned chelation and several other intravenous treatments, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, bioidentical hormone replacement, treatment of chronic illness, nutrition, and promoting healthy aging.

Over the next eighteen years there, he effectively treated heart disease, stroke, brain injury, chronic fatigue, autism, cerebral palsy, gangrene, and many other serious illnesses with a degree of success that was wondrous. Patients often told him that finding the clinic were prayers answered. Most patients came to the clinic from patient’s word-of-mouth to family and friends. During his time at Mount Rogers Clinic, Dr. Castro treated patients from as far as Canada, Europe, Central America, and Asia.

Dr. Castro opened a clinic, Valley Wellness, in Roanoke, Virginia in July 2015. Since his training under Dr. Cranton’s tutelage, he has added other dynamic healing treatments including intravenous Vitamin C for cancer support, ultraviolet blood irradiation, low dose allergy therapy, low dose immunotherapy, and oxidative treatment with an activated form of oxygen.

Dr. Castro’s presentations include speaking to the Central Intelligence Agency Intelligence Community Conference on Disabilities on recovering from brain injuries and at the Future Health Annual Brain Meeting on treatment of brain injury. Dr. Castro’s recently released e-book When Diets Work:  Overcoming Fat Loss Resistance  discusses why some people do not successfully lose weight when they earnestly diet, and how to correct the underlying problems so that they are then able to lose weight.

Dr. Castro is co-author of  Healing Young Brains about drug-free treatments for childhood disorders ranging from autism and ADHD to depression and anxiety. He is also co-author of Getting Rid of Ritalin  which outlines how neurofeedback can successfully treat ADHD without drugs.

Dr. Castro served in Vietnam in the United States Marine Corps and was awarded a Purple Heart and Meritorious Mast for Outstanding Performance.