Eduardo Castro, M.D. is now the Medical Director of Valley Wellness, Roanoke, VA.

July 1, 2015

Dr. Castro has been successfully treating chronic and degenerative diseases and promoting healthy aging for over 20 years. We provide a range of treatments that promote healthy body processes and enhance detoxification. We also offer bio-identical hormone replacement therapies to help offset deterioration from aging and improve quality of life.

At Valley Wellness, we treat the underlying causes of illness and not simply use drugs to decrease symptoms. This approach is increasingly important as the rise in today’s illnesses continues to increase causing chronic fatigue, pain, excessive inflammation, dementia, autism, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.

The treatments offered are those developed by innovative clinicians around the world that, though not embraced by conventional medicine in the United States, nonetheless have scientific evidence to support their use, and more importantly, have clearly demonstrated clinical safety and success.

Eduardo Castro, M.D. is currently the Medical Director of Valley Wellness, and when you meet with him, expect to spend the time needed for a thorough discussion of every aspect of your health from a holistic view. He understands that many patients want to continue to work with their conventional doctors while others are looking for alternatives as conventional medicine has failed. You will not be pressured to take a certain path, but informed about your options. When you know how to promote health, remarkable things happen, at times even if the diagnosis remains in question.

Dr. Castro was previously Medical Director of the Mount Rogers Clinic where he helped  thousands of patients regain, maintain, and enhance their health.  He and his wife Sandy Castro founded Valley Wellness in July 2015 when they relocated Dr. Castro’s medical practice to Roanoke, Virginia.

“The First Wealth Is Health.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson