Saccharomyces Boulardii is a beneficial yeast that promotes healthy conditions in the bowel.  It both improves the conditions and reduces the number of undesirable yeast that are present.  This maintenance of optimal conditions in the bowel is especially important for the functioning of the immune system and brain.  S. Boulardii can reduce excessive number of undesirable yeast that overgrow when one takes antibiotics, Prednisone, or acid blocking drugs.  The undesirable yeast produces toxins that produce fatigue in adults and disruptive behavior in children.  One needs to be aware of the Herxheimer reaction, however.  This reaction, also refererred to as die-off reaction, occurs when a large number of a toxin producing microbes, like yeast, are killed.  The toxins they produce are released from their cells as they die, and are absorbed into our bloodstream.  A person feels worse with the higher level of toxins, but they feel better once these toxins are cleared.  This feeling-worse-feeling-better see-saw can occur for weeks.  It is important to stay on the S. Boulardii until one is well past any die-off reactions.

One capsule twice a day for one or two months can promote bowel health.  If one needs to take an antibiotic, take one capsule of S. Boulardii with each dose of the antibiotic, then one twice a day for a month.  This is superior to taking probiotics (beneficial bacteria) while on antibiotics since the antibiotics do not kill yeast but do kill the probiotics.  Taking both S. Boulardii and probiotics while on an antibiotic would be even better.